Here are my first shots with the X-T3, shot with the FUJINON XF 56mm F1.2 R lens, mostly shot around f2. They are JPG images with some minor adjustments done in Lightroom.

I still haven’t had a chance to play around with the X-T3 too much, but I will be doing a full review soon.

Here’s what I was noticed:

  • When I turned the camera on for the first time, it connected to my iPhone and prompted to do a firmware update done via the phone, very quick and very impressive.
  • The design of the dioptre control is now similar to the improvements made to the ISO and shutter dials on the X-T2. The dioptre is that small dial to the left of the viewfinder that changes how magnified your view is. To stop the dioptre being moved by accident, it now pulls out for you to adjust, then pops back in.
  • Eterna is now listed in the film simulation list.

Posted by Matt Murray

Hello! I am a photographer from Brisbane, Australia. I have been using X Series cameras since I bought the original FinePix X100 in 2011 and Fujifilm digital cameras since the FinePix 6800Z in 1999. I shoot mostly travel images, portraits and stock. You can see my travel work on my Instagram @mattloves

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